Pre Project budget planning and test designs.

Most projects have a level of financing that is elevated above the standard business operating costs.

This means before embarking on a project, a full financial justification of the full project expenses should be carried out, enabling a full business case for financing.

Project Plans Partners team of consultants can produce high-level plans that can subsequently be built upon without any loss in time, saving money eventually if some important design decisions are made at the beginning of a project.

For example, on one international project, we’ve carried out a full proposal and won the backing of the new business partners who operated out of a third country.

As the proposed site was in a remote country a full set of plans was requested and phone interviews to agree on a strategy for the final set of deliverables required for the budget proposal package, a one-day physical information gathering was made, where we subsequently provided a full graphical package with budget figures and time schedule.

The total project was turned around in less than three working days, with brief follow-ups over the course of the next month to further illustrate ideas and options.