As office changes become more technologically advanced, and the perception that technical installs become simpler. The available opportunities to add the best value while planning physical infrastructure installations can be missed.

In planning an installation a holistic view of the buildings use and capabilities need to be understood. The aim of a well-planned installation is that you have enough ways of achieving the results without having installed thousands of pounds of cables “just in case”.

Project Plan Partners works with a dedicated wiring team, where no project is too large or complicated. We can offer 18th Edition IEE Electrical installs, which can be planned in sympathy with air conditioning demands.

A common mistake of any project will be to underestimate the importance of one factor of the physical installs, whether Electrics, Air conditioning or cabling requirements, This can happen when you have a project that is being run as separate mini-projects without central co-ordination or when the Main Contractor isn’t an expert in these fields.