Business relocation. Are you aware of the planning required?

Project Plan Partners can offer a host of skills to help enable a successful business relocation or change process.

The services include

  • Property search and review, of terms for Lease or License.
  • Floor space planning and design. Including room design for specialist media rooms, Edit, Audio mix, DI grading, machine room. 
  • High-level Aircon and Electrical design calculations.
  • Building works requirements and high-level budget setting.
  • Building control, and Planning permission guidance.
  • Technical facilities requirements gathering.
  • Design and build-out time scale planning.
  • Building works tender and response management.
  • Building works management of on-site works. 
  • Technical facilities requirements gathering.
  • Design and install of technical wiring, including phases during and post building works. 
  • Installation and commissioning of new technical equipment.  Including but not exclusively.

    • Incoming network ISP contracting.
    • Telephone system procurement.
    • Cloud services procurement.
    • Data centre co-located equipment placement.
    • Equipment auditing and review
    • Video equipment room, or server room design
    • Cable installation, cost, design and procurement. 
    • Technical equipment installation and commissioning. 
    • Documentation of project, assignment of guarantees and warrants. 
    • Financial control of processes, including review of annual costs, lease agreements and other financing options. 
  • Health and Safety review, and remediations.
  • Business continuity planning.