Business continuity / disaster recovery planning

While we all hope disasters may never happen, sometimes the process of analysing the business for potential weakness, and the required documentation of the problems solving, can feel like a disaster to compile.

Project Plan Partners can provide options and resources for creating business continuity plans.

In the media industry, when carrying out business with professional partners such as national television broadcasters.

Your business partners must have in place a truly living DR plan that is reviewed regularly and can be shown to have relevance for the work being carried out for the professional partner.

Project plan partners can help tailor a disaster recovery plan with a business continuity plan to help serve the needs of any particular business providing solutions to external resource planning as well as the more common risk avoidance and general lists of what to do when faced with an emergency.

As each business has it’s own structure and way of working the process of compiling a plan can’t be scientifically quoted upon, Project plan partners are happy to discuss your requirements and provide an estimate.