Project Planning

Our core business is sector agnostic, working on infrastructure change projects. Offering design and planning skills such as for green site office redevelopment, or helping businesses execute changes to existing technical infrastructure.

Wherever there is a decision to change or move, PPP can help in the planning stages, offering smart solutions to create efficient business workflows that are focused on providing a fixed return on investment.

We have key partners in commercial law and real estate who can lead a company through a new business premises search, to its conclusion drafting out the lease terms, providing drawings of prospective building changes and due diligence with local councils for planning permissions.

The team are known for not just accepting the current ways of thinking and working, we will question the core business workflows and from these premises, we will offer suitable solutions.

When it comes to planning, designing and execution of installations, we have a proven track record. As we hand over a project there is a handover of a full set of documentation for the installation and the products installed.