Physical security assessments and security audits

In a world where the cost of producing material remains high, compared to the damage of duplicating the final results and copying them so they can be viewed around the world, physical security is no longer a question of locking doors at night.

Some of the highest levels of security are derived by the American film studios alliance of the MPAA achieving this level of security with in a film/video or audio post production company, needs an eye for detail and a high level of commitment to achieve.

The benefits will be noticed with eventual cost savings in stock control and complete monitoring of ingress and output of materials both physically and electronically, can show business efficiencies that will pay back the initial investments of time.

Project Plan Partners can offer a full service of planning and programming  implementing the required changes this includes compilation of the relevant paper work for audits and accreditation for such organisations as FACT or MPAA audits.